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This week in Literacy we will be: 


  • Practising our handwriting.
  • Writing about a memorable day from our holidays (such as Christmas Day).
  • Learning about Nouns.
This week's focus letter is the letter h. Please use the provided sheet to practise your cursive handwriting and the associated joins. Try 4 of each combination and then if required practise those that you are less confident with/ want to try again. Look closely at how high the top of the letter reaches and remember to always "start on the line". 
My Memorable Day

Before you begin this task please write the 'long date' e.g. Thursday, 7th January and the learning focus (LF: My memorable day). 

Discuss some ideas with the adult who is helping you about a day that you remember really well from the Christmas holidays. When you have decided on a day that you can remember please draw a picture on a blank piece of paper (no bigger than half a page) and stick this underneath your learning focus. This will provide you with a prompt whilst you are writing. 


Before you begin your writing task, have a look at the below information on how to make a 'perfect sentence'. Remember we always take our time in class and we use the 'complex sounds chart' to help us to sound out and spell words we do not know. 



When you are writing about your memorable day, I would like you to do a sentence at a time. I have outlined what needs to be included in each sentence and have provided  accompanying examples. You should verbalise your ideas to an adult before writing them down and please remember to 'write a line, miss a line' like we do in class. 


Sentence 1 - What day are you writing about? It was New Years Day. 

Sentence 2 - How were you feeling? I was feeling happy and relaxed. 

Sentence 3 - Who were you with? I was with my family. 

Sentence 4 - Where were you? We were at home. 

Sentence 5 - What were you doing? We spent the day watching films and eating lots of chocolate!

Sentence 6 and 7 - What else did you do? We also went for a long walk. I really liked being outside as it was sunny.

Sentence 8+ - Please provide any further details about your day that you think are important to share with your reader. 


I look forward to reading about your days. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or require resources to be arranged for you at home. 

Nouns and Adjectives

Activity 1

Watch the videos on Nouns and Adjectives.

Can you explain what the difference is between a 'Proper Noun' and a 'Common Noun'? Can you give an adult some examples? 

What are Adjectives? 


When you have watched the videos and answered the above questions, see if you can put your learning in to practise by going on a noun and adjective hunt! Explore in and around your home for anything that would be a noun. When you find one can you then describe it with an adjective?


You could even create your own sentences about your hunt. 



I can see a book. 

I can see a small book. 

I can see a small thick book. 


*At this age there is no requirement to be able to use commas in between adjectives.