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I hope through this area of the website to illustrate how you views and opinions are listened to and develop our practice in school.


These are some of the things that have happened in school as a result of your response to questionnaires or discussions with the Headteacher or teaching staff.


Summer Term 2016

We reviewed our induction process for our new reception pupils. Feedback from parents and local nurseries was that it would be nice for the children to visit school for a day in the summer term before they started. We therefore introduced additional sessions for the children to visit school. We had three after school sessions so the children could come in small groups and spend time with their teachers. We also introduced across the school a move up day so that we accomodate the new reception pupils on a school day. The new pupils have settled really quickly into school this year and are much more confident. So thank you for your support and it has made a positive difference for our pupils.


Spring Term 2016

A number of parents have asked school for advice and support when they are going through a separation or divorce. As a result the school has now purchased a set of books that you can share with your children that may help them understand and adjust to their new circumstances. These are available from Mrs Cousins and further support can be accessed if required. If you need to have a chat please drop in and see Mrs Cousins.


Spring Term 2016

A parent contacted the school wishing to know more about how to support their children keeping safe regarding appropriate and inappropriate touching. After discussion it was felt that if a link was provided on the school website to the NSPCC website where materials are provided this would be helpful. As a result a link has been placed on the home page under parent information. We hope that you find this helpful when discussing such issues with your children.


Spring Term 2016

Parents voiced their concerns regarding the safety of pupils when they are walking to and from school due to residents accessing their drives across the pavement. Local residents were contacted and a letter was sent to parents raising awareness of the safety issues. The school is now working towards the Modeshifts Gold Award to see if we can do more to reduce the safety issues for our pupils working with outside agencies to support developments.


Autumn Term 2015

In  the Autumn Term 2015 we trialled a new approach to parental consultations. Instead of two evenings we trialled a whole day, starting at 8.30 am and going through to 6.00 pm. We asked for parental feedback regarding the two structures and which you would prefer. There was an overwhelming preference for the Parent Day approach (92%). Therefore, future parent consultations will follow this format. Your feedback was greatly appreciated.


Some parents requested an additional KS1 Nativity performance so that grandparents could attend therefore a third performance was arranged. Parental feedback said: Thank you so much for putting on the extra performance of the show. There is something a bit special about their first production in reception so many thanks again for all your efforts.


In 2014 we held an open evening to promote reading and to provide an overview of how reading progressed across the school and how it was taught in school. This was very well attended and parents stated that they found it extremely helpful and informative. We then asked parents which area of the curriculum they would like as a focus in the future. The vast majority of parents asked for mathematics. As there was a new curriculum for mathematics coming out the open evening was held in the Autumn Term 2015. Parental feedback was again very positive and some suggestions were made that will be put in place for our next event, these included provision for children away from the main presentation to enable parents to hear the speaker more clearly.


We were teaching our pupils French in school but we asked parents which language they would like their children to be taught and the overwhelming response was Spanish so from September 2014 we have taught Spanish as our Modern Foreign Language. There are after school clubs available for Spanish, French and German.


The height of the fencing around the Foundation Stage Area was a cause for concern for some parents. Although there had been no incidents your views were listened to and higher more effective security fencing was put in place.