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Register of Governors interests


Governors ​Name ​Business Interest ​Other establishments governed ​Relationship with staff / members of the governing body ​Date
Christobel Cousins​ ​None ​None

​Miss Meredith (Teaching Assistant) is my sister-in-law

​Pam Millard ​None ​None ​None ​06/12/16
​Vanessa Savill ​None ​None ​None ​06/12/16
​Anne Richards ​None ​None ​None ​06/12/16
Chris Raper​ ​None ​None ​None ​06/12/16
​R Verma None None​ None​ ​06/12/16
Cheryl Grass ​None ​None ​None ​06/12/16
​K Platford ​​None ​​None ​​None ​06/12/16
​A Wright ​​None ​None ​​None ​06/12/16

L Jenkinson

None None None 14/03/17