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Your Home Learning Pics

Picture 1 Emily and Erin working on a collaborative story
Picture 2 The finished story
Picture 3 Story illustrations
Picture 4 Alfie and Shannon's completed Greek vase!
Picture 5 Working hard on her grammar
Picture 6 Learning about suffragette's
Picture 7 An art lesson with dad and sister
Picture 8 The finished artwork
Picture 9 Isabel's lovely thank you rainbow
Picture 10 Isabel planting flowers
Picture 11 Emily working on her geography mapping skills
Picture 12 Learning more about contours using potatoes!
Picture 13 Oli creating his competition entry
Picture 14 The finished painting
Picture 15 Well done Oli!
Picture 16 Emily working hard
Picture 17 Emily creating a map from the monument
Picture 18 Emily's map
Picture 19 Emily's sound map
Picture 20 Emily enjoying some watercolouring
Picture 21 Isabel's completed ancient Greek vase - brilliant!
Picture 22 Creating an Egyptian pyramid
Picture 23 Isabel's completed Egyptian pyramid
Picture 24 Isabel's space project
Picture 25 Having fun star gazing
Picture 26 Matthew keeping up with his maths work.
Picture 27 Matthew learning about light.
Picture 28 A digger is always nearby!
Picture 29 Aurora's rainbow work
Picture 30 Emily working on the Ancient Greeks
Picture 31 Finn's space project
Picture 32 100% for Finn!
Picture 33 Marcie' Ancient Greek timeline
Picture 34 Alfie working on Fluent in Five
Picture 35 Frankie-Jay's space project
Picture 36 A finished mask - guess who?
Picture 37 Matthew writing a story
Picture 38 Ollie beginning his salt water engine project.
Picture 39 The completed salt engine.
Picture 40 Exercising with Murphy
Picture 41 Potato mountain contour activity
Picture 42 Isabel's Greek pot is coming on well.
Picture 43 Aurora creating her Ancient Greece timeline.
Picture 44 Finn's mountain drawing.
Picture 45 Finn's Himalayan Mountain research.
Picture 46 Aurora's Easter egg hunt
Picture 47 Aurora's fabulous Greek Vase!
Picture 48 Liam' has been learning about mountains
Picture 49 Liam's science work
Picture 50 A local area map by Liam
Picture 51
Picture 52 Potato mountain contour work
Picture 53 Matthew's Greek vase design
Picture 54 Art in the sunshine
Picture 55 Investigating Maps
Picture 56 English grammar practise
Picture 57
Picture 58 Frankie-Jay's VE Day project
Picture 59 Isabel's VE Day work
Picture 60 VE Day new report
Picture 61 Isabel's VE Day work
Picture 62 Isabel's VE Day work
Picture 63 Isabel's homemade bunting
Picture 64 Cordie's VE Day decorations
Picture 65 Emily's applique
Picture 66 Making pasta sauce
Picture 67 Statistics bar chart
Picture 68 Learning about statistics
Picture 69 Liam's debate
Picture 70 Liam's fabulous mask
Picture 71 Liam's design for a phone holder
Picture 72 Liam's recount
Picture 1 Finn playing Scrabble with mum!
Picture 2 Finn's Lego model of the solar system.
Picture 3 Isabel working out with Joe Wicks
Picture 4 Isabel's Home School
Picture 5 Murphy has been helping Isabel with her work!
Picture 6 Shannon practising her basketball skills
Picture 7 Mrs Trusler's classroom helpers - Bruno and Benson
Picture 8 Marcie's Mayan mask.