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LF: To plan a story

Over the next few week we are going to write the story of the cat from the book Window. He has seen many changes in his lifetime but along the way he has also had many adventures! Using the pictures and your imagination tell us the story of his life!

Before we do any long writes in school, we always plan our writing- this helps with ideas and to make sure our writing flows. Today, use the planning sheet to generate your ideas. Make your plan as detailed as you can; you will be using this every day as we write each section of the story.

You will have 6 pictures from the book to look at. Imagine each picture is a new chapter, so your story will have six chapters. These could represent six different chapters of his life.


I have written the start to your story which begins with the last picture from the book. You will continue the story writing from picture one when he was a kitten and end at the final page of the book, like a flashback story of his life.


Finally, I have everything around me that I love again! Sam, my owner, and his wife have recently bought a house you see. I remember a place like this from when I was a kitten; the birds humming, bees buzzing and the fresh air rustling through my whiskers - not to mention the huge forest to explore! It got me thinking of all the adventures I’ve had and changes I’ve seen in my life, let me tell you all about them...