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Good morning!


Today we have our second Jigsaw session - Healthy Me. 

Today we are warming up by playing the 'Bean Game'.  Runner beans - children run around, baked beans - children lie down and sunbathe, chilli beans - children shiver, string beans - children stretch up tall, jumping beans - children jump around. Finally,  beans on toast where the children call up into a ball and the adult tries to eat them with a fork.  You may need to play this outside if you need space. When you have finished ask the children to put their hands on their hearts and feel them beating quickly and talk about how good exercise makes our heart beat faster. 

Jigsaw Jenie wants to ask a question about what exercise we usually do each week. Have we got any certificates or medals from what we have done? We are aware that children haven't been able to do formal out of school activities but they may like to think about any clubs they may like to join when we come out of lockdown eg swimming, football, dance. 

We will then cool down and stretch each part of the body using correct body names - elbows, wrist, thighs, shin. 

We will finish with our calm time which can be the same as last week. 


In phonics and handwriting today we are recapping the digraph 'oo' as in book. We will be learning how to join the two o's with a horizontal join.  Please see uploaded video of this weeks joins. We will be writing the words book, look, took and writing the sentence 'They took a book to bed'. 


In writing today we will be adding some facts to our fact file. I have recorded a video to support you in this and it will be on Tapestry but also saved in the video section on the website.  We are adding two facts today and then another two on Friday after World Book Day on Thursday.  Enjoy finding out the facts. You can use books or do a google search with your parents to find out the information for your facts. 


In maths today we are doing session 3 of our Building 9 and 10 sessions. Please follow the link below for the power point or video and following activity:

We will be ordering numerals to 10 and then playing games by swapping two numerals over and seeing if we can spot the mistake. Also we will be choosing a numeral and asking what is one more or one less than the number. If you are confident with all of these activities and have quick recall. Please ensure you can write each numeral correctly. 


You also answers questions like this:


6 is more than 8?     True or False? How do you know?


7 is less than 9?  True or False? Convince me why you know? 


You can make up more of your own questions too.  You can record your answers on Tapestry I would love to see them. 


Have a great day.