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Healthy Choice power point, words for the song and son power point.

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Good morning all,


Today we are going to write some sentences about what we think might be inside our egg. We will be thinking about animals that come out of eggs imaginary or real and then make out predictions. We will also be looking for nests in trees around school so you could do this in your local area. We will look at the position of nests in tress and discuss why birds choose to use a nest and how they are made.  I would love to see your predictions so please do upload them onto tapestry. 


Jigsaw - Healthy Me

Today we start a new part of out Jigsaw programme called Healthy Me. We will be looking at the power point loaded above of the the healthy choices we make in school. 

We will then listen to the new Jigsaw song - Make a Good Decision. I will load this onto the videos for daily use section so we can return to it each week. There will be a copy of the words too.  Then we will discuss what we need to do more of or less of using prompt objects. So we could have some fruit and some chocolate.....which would we do more of or less of.  We will use a games controller or an ipad and a football, skipping rope or bike and label more of and less of.  We will also use milk and a fizzy drink. In making these choices we will talk about how having a treat is fine as long as we have less treats and more of what keeps us healthy.  We will then complete a calm time and focus on breathing and picture in our heads a healthy choice they would like to make. I have attached that in our video section.  Next week we will be sharing what exercise we get involved in so if there are any certificates or photographs children can show everyone at school it would be great to get them ready.  We hope you enjoy our session. 


In phonics and handwriting today we will be recapping the 'th' digraph. We will be learning to form the letters as a joined digraph and we will be writing key words with this digraph in eg this, that, there, then. You can write sentences with some of these words in too. Please try to join the 'th', the rest of the letters can be written separately or joined. 


In maths today we will be following Growing 6,7,8 week 3 session 3. This is focused on the days of the week for measuring the passing of time.  We have tried to learning the days of the week off by heart. It is also good to learn the words yesterday and tomorrow and what they mean. I have put an extra worksheet to use if you would like to record this.


Here is the story of Jasper's Beanstalk for you to use:


Have fun!


Have a great day!