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Happy Wednesday everyone,


This morning don't forget to spot that some objects or fruit has gone missing and do some predicting about what might have happened to them.  (Make sure you put them in the freezer today so they have time to freeze overnight ready for tomorrow). If you didn't get the tapestry message I sent a message out yesterday if you need to look back. 


Jigsaw - Dreams and Goals

Today we are using Jigsaw Jenie to look into the future and think about what jobs we might do.  We are looking through a range of pictures - (link above) to give us ideas about what jobs we are interested in.  We might think of things we enjoy doing now and choose a job that uses those skills.  Give your child a chance to talk about it and say why they think what they do. 

We will then do the calm time from last week and remind ourselves to use kind words to encourage others when they are working towards their goals. 



Handwriting - today we are working on the 'th' digraph join. This is a diagonal join and goes from the flick of the 't' straight into the tall 'h'. Remember these are both tall letters but the 't' should be slightly shorter than the 'h'. 


In phonics today we are writing longer words. We have talked to the children about some words are two syllable words and some are compound words where the two syllables are made up of two words that can stand alone eg handstand, giftbox.  We are working on reading and writing these words by doing one syllable first and then the other. Today we will work on writing 'pondweed', 'sandwich' and 'helper'. The aim is for your child to write the word independently, sounding it out for themselves a syllable at a time. We find that when writing sometimes children leave a gap between the two syllables but try to encourage them to see the words as a whole word so there should be no gap. 


Don't forget to access one of the websites given out on Monday to complete some reading today. 


For our writing today we would like you to use a picture of you dressed as your superhero. Please write some sentences  that I can give to Supertato to say what your name is, what your super powers are and what equipment you have and what it does. Don't forget to use the sentence song and work hard on sounding out those words. If you feel your child is ready please begin to use the complex sound chart and introduce alternative digraphs when the one they need isn't the one we have learned. 


In maths today we are using a tens frame to model addition of two groups. We will be exploring how we can count on from the first number rather than starting at the beginning each time. We can then record this as a number sentence independently. For those children who can already record number sentences. Please work on mental addition counting on from the larger number or learning the number bonds for 6,7 and 8.


We hope you have a fun day. 


Thank you for all your hard are amazing.