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Hello everyone....


It is Well-being Wednesday today.....we are thinking about our mental health at these difficult times. A perfect day for us to a Jigsaw session - Dreams and Goals. I have uploaded a video of Mrs Edge and myself doing some cutting out. See what happens in the video and then ask these questions. What happened? How is Mrs Savill feeling? Why do you think Mrs Savill gave up? Why do you think Mrs Edge said those things?  Then please do remind them that it is pretend and Mrs Edge would never speak to Mrs Savill like that. Jigsaw Jenie asks what sorts of things we can say to each other to encourage them to try rather than making them give up. Watch the next video with some examples on. We then have a lovely calm time video where we are blowing kindness hearts to each other.  We hope you enjoy our lovely session. 


Are you ready for some super hero training?


We know that Super heroes need to be strong, fit and able to keep going for a long time. We want to train our bodies so that we can be as fit as a superhero. 

Today we would like to to design some exercises that you could do everyday to train to be a superhero. You will need exercises to make your arms and legs strong and to help you move fast.  Please set up your exercises either inside or outside and label them so that your family knows what to do when they come to do them.  If you need some ideas watch the link below. These are all inside but feel free to use equipment and go outside if you prefer. You can take photos to show us what you are doing.


Handwriting today is the zig zag letters. These are all small letters so should not touch the top of the line. 


In phonics today we will be looking at words that start with three consonants and watching the video on Espresso. We will be writing the words 'strap' and scrunch'. We will write the sentence 'Soon it will be spring'.


In maths today we are looking at the number 8 and how we make it using a ladybird and spots. Please watch the video or use the power point and then explore how many ways you can put spots on the ladybird. This can then be recorded as a number sentence too. The ladybird sheet for recording is at the top of the page if you would like to use it. 


Keep up the hard work and don't forget daily reading. 


Mrs Savill / Mrs Lee