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Good morning everyone...


Today we will start with a Jigsaw - Dreams and Goals session.  Jigsaw Jenie would like us to come up with a goal for ourselves. This is something that we have been trying hard to do and practising hard but is still a challenge and we can't quite do it yet.  Mrs Savill said that her goal is to do a difficult jigsaw puzzle. When she tries she starts off really well and then sometimes gets frustrated because it takes a long time and then sometimes she even gives up. Her goal is to finish a jigsaw.  Can you think of a goal you would choose. Remember we need to pause and do our calm time breathing if we get frustrated. I would love to hear what your goals are. Please use the calm time video and the song to complete the session.  In school we had goals like doing our coat zip up and swimming without arm bands.


In handwriting today we will be working on curly caterpillar letters c,o,a. These letters are all short and they follow the up over and back round pattern. It is so difficult for some children to grasp going the right way round the 'o' and the a but keep working at it. 


In phonics today we will be watching the Words beginning with cc (2) video. We will be focusing on words that have two consonants at the beginning and also have a digraph in them.  We will write words like 'train', 'float', 'bring'... we will write the sentence.... I need some brown paint.  'Some' is one of our tricky words this week. 


In maths today we will be measuring capacity. We will be filling different containers full with water, sand or soil. We can predict how many cups / trowels / spades of each substance we will need to fill our containers. We can then measure them and record how many. Please use a number line to make sure you get the numerals the correct way round.


Today we also have a challenge...

Can you make some rainbow puddles? What will you make the puddles in? How will you make then different colours? How many cups of water will you need to create your puddle. Will your puddle be full or half full or nearly empty. 


You can do this activity inside or outside and you can explore questions like:

What containers will I need for a deep / shallow puddle? How can I make an orange puddle? What happens if I mix a blue puddle and a red puddle? Please feel free to go with your child's interests with this activity.  We would love to see what you have created and what you have found out. If you would like to record what you have done in photos, videos or sentences that would be fabulous. We will look forward to seeing them. 


Have a great day.