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Jigsaw - Dreams and Goals song

Wonderful, it is Wednesday!!!


Today we will start with a Jigsaw session. I have uploaded two videos in to the resources section for you to use in today's session of Dreams and Goals. We started by learning a new song which is one of the videos. The song has actions and you might need to play it a few times until the children can join in. The words of the song are at the top of the page. 


You might want to choose two toys. One can be Jigsaw Jenie and one Gerry Cat.  Jigsaw Jenie asks the children today what they have worked at that has been a challenge eg riding a bike, learning to use a knife and fork etc. How did they meet the challenge?  We have to practise a lot and never give up. Can you talk about this together.  Gerry cat teaches us that if we get cross or frustrated when we are trying something new and we can't do it we can 'pause' (hold out both hands as if to say stop) and then do some rainbow breathing in and out until we calm down. Then we can try again because we will never meet the challenge if we give up.  


We then do our 'calm time' which is the other video in the resources session. 


Our challenge this week it to show that we don't give up when we meet a challenge. 


We would like you to continue filling in your weather chart and collecting any rain information. 


Our handwriting today is long ladder letters - i, l, t  today. Don't forget that the 'l' goes to the top of the line and the 't' stops just short of the top of the line. 


In phonics we will be watching the video 'Words ending in cc (1)' again so please follow the link from yesterday. This is a day to embed the understanding that they need to remember both consonants at the end of the word. The one that is most often missed out is the second to last one. 

Today we will write the words: bent, nest, milk and write the sentence: 'The bank was shut.'


In literacy today we will be looking at our pictures from yesterday and writing the sentences to match them. We will sing our sentence song first and then write the sentence carefully starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces and sounding out each word. We will need a full stop at the end.   Please use the sound chart to help your child find any digraphs they need and encourage them to form their letters carefully. They will need to write on lined paper if possible or you could draw line on.  If you are unsure please watch the video of how to write a sentence in the video resources.  I look forward to seeing or hearing your sentences.


In maths today we are doing session 3 of Alive in 5 following the link below:


Please use the video or power point slides to look at composition for 4 and 5 using 3 groups andf then complete the activity making 5 using 3 groups. You can again record the combinations using number sentences eg 2+2+1=5 but please only do this after using objects to show this practically. 


We hope you have a fun day.