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Good morning everyone,


Here are our activities for today. It might help to develop an order for things you do each day, with breaks in between, if this fits into your daily life.  We do the same things at the same times each day and the children really seem to like this routine. 

At this time we are starting with handwriting, then the literacy activity, we then do phonics and finish with the maths activity and reading. You don't have to do the same order but you may like to do your own routine. 


So today....

Please practice one armed robot letters - h,b,p k for handwriting.



Our trigraph we will be learning today for phonics is 'air'. Again use the games on Espresso to practice you skills in reading and also try writing words like hair, fair, lair. You may need to talk about what they mean too.  As an extension you can put them in a sentence or hide words from a sentence around the house and when they are found see if they can be put into a sentence. 


Hopefully yesterday you designed your Puddle Creature and gave it a name. Today we are going to write some words or sentences depending on how confident you are with writing. Please have your letter line and tricky word mat in front of you. 


please find on tapestry and check in the video resources for the tutorial for parents that Mrs Savill and Mrs Edge made to help you follow our school approach for writing sentences.


Please start by singing the sentence song. It may also help to think of some words to describe your creature and write these first to create a word bank for when you are writing sentences. 


We would like you to describe what your puddle creature looks can use sentence starters like...


It is.... / It has got.... Please sound out each word carefully and use something to make finger spaces like a counter or penny. 


As an extension some of you may like to think about the personality of your Puddle Creature or what clothes he wears...


He is.....funny / cheeky / naughty etc


He has got a red, fluffy hat. 


Please be led by what you know your child can do.If they are struggling to sound out please focus on just describing words, if they are sounding out more confidently then write a sentence. 


We look forward to seeing your puddle creatures. 


Our maths session is session 3. As before feel free to use the video or power point and follow up with the activity on the sheet next to the video.


You will be scoring points for every time you get a bean bag in the hoop. As an extension you can also model and verbalise a number sentence for each of the attempts you have eg 3 ben bags in the hoop, two beanbags out of the hoop - 3+2=5


Children can also record in pictures of the bean bags and hoops or as a number sentence. 


Don't forget to fill in your weather chart today too. 


Have fun.