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A Weather Chart we made for school

These examples of water animals may help you with ideas for your Puddle Creature

Activities for Tuesday. Please remember to access the daily resources on the home learning page too.


We hope you enjoyed sharing Ellie's Magic Wellies yesterday and that you had lots of fun if you managed to find some puddles to jump in! 


There is a recording of Mrs Savill reading the story in the video resources section of home learning. 


Please practise the letters one armed robot letters for your handwriting practice today.  r, n, m. We have recorded a video to show you how and it is in the video section on the website and we have uploaded it onto Tapestry too. 


The sound we are learning today is the digraph 'er'. Please follow the link on the first page of home learning to watch the video on Espresso. We are struggling to upload them to tapestry but will keep trying. There are lots of games to play on Espresso to practice what you have learned that use the phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. You can also practice writing words with 'er' in them such as 'fern', 


You have 2 tasks today.  We would like you to think about what 'Puddle Creature' might come out of a puddle you jump into with your magic wellies on.  What sort of creatures live in water and what features do they have that help them to live in water?


We would really love to you draw a puddle creature that might jump out of your puddle. Be as creative as you like. what will it look like?  Perhaps it has some of the features of water creatures e.g webbed feet. Can you think of a name for your puddle creature and write it on your drawing? 


Your second task is an ongoing task through the week. We would like you to start a weather chart. You can do this in whatever way you like. You could use words and look at symbols to record the weather each day. Feel free to google search ideas and make them homemade or download a format if you prefer. We would love you to update your weather chart daily to see what different sorts of weather we have in January / Winter. We have uploaded the one we will use in school above. 


For your maths session today we are thinking about the number 0.  Please watch the video  session 2 from the link below and do the activity alongside it . We are wanting the children to understand  and recognise 0 as a numeral, as the number before 1, and as the absence of things. By developing a good understanding of this now, the children will find it easier when they encounter bigger numbers and 0 is used in tens and units and as a place holder.


To help understand zero further you may wish to watch Numberblocks - series 3, episode 5 -zero

or read the book ' None the number' by Oliver Jeffers which can be found on youtube.