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Egg Laying Animal Fact File Sheet

Good Morning everyone,


Today in preparation for World book day please begin to think about what is your favourite book and think about why you like it. You could use our reading dogs to help you. Can you sequence the story and say what happens at the beginning, middle and end with Sequencing Suki? Can you answer questions about the story with Rex Retriever? Can you talk about how the characters feel during different parts of the story with Inference Iggy? Can we talk about words we learn from reading this book with Vocabulary Victor? This could carry on over this week with a little discussion each day. 


In phonics and handwriting today we will be recapping the digraph 'ee'. Please watch the Geraldine Giraffe clip.


We will be forming 'ee' correctly and in cursive and writing words that have the digraph in such as tree, week, weep. You may need to talk about what 'weep' means. We will also be writing the sentence 'The sheep went into the barn'. Don't forget to sing the sentence song and reinforce the need for a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. 


Today you are going to choose an animal that lays eggs to complete a fact file. We will be looking closely at photos of the chosen animal by doing a google search and we can either draw a picture or print one out and label it with the features that match that animal. Please sound out each word really carefully and make sure you count syllables if there are more than one.  Please use the format saved above and fill in the blank space with a picture and heading with the animal name. Over the next few days we will be finding out facts and writing sentences about our chosen animal but you do not need to start that today. 


In maths today we will be developing out understanding of 9 and 10. Please watch the white rose video or use the power point.


Then you can download the activity where children are making matching pairs. It would be great if you could also replicate the game on the power point and have two containers labeled with 9 and 10. Children could collect objects in groups of 9 and 10. These could be put into bags eg a bag of 10 pieces of lego, cling film together 9 pieces of pasta and they could be added to the correct containers. Whilst doing this you could check the items on a tens frame and reinforce what nine and ten looks like and how they are made of different combinations of numbers. eg I can see 9 as a 5 and a 4. These can be recorded as number sentences if you would like. 


Thank you for all your hard work.