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Good morning everyone.....


It's a welly day today. Hooray!

We are asking everyone to go for a walk and along the way we would like them to find a 'golden egg'. We have spare golden eggs at school if you need to pick one up first. We are going to walk up the Lilleshall hill and find the egg in the bushes. You can go wherever you choose. We will talk to the children about finding eggs in nests and how we don't touch them but if an egg is lost and abandoned then they could pick it up. We will take the egg back to the classroom and predict verbally what we think might have happened and what sort of animal might come out of the egg. When we have explored this before we have all sorts of ideas like dragons, birds, dinosaurs etc. You could upload a photo to tapestry about what you have found. Tomorrow we will be writing our predictions about what is inside. As you walk you can also discuss anything the children are interested in such as names of plants and trees, the weather conditions, directions and routes or anything that helps them learn about their environment. 


In phonics and handwriting today we are recapping the digraph 'ch'. Most children are recognising it now but we need to make sure we can write it from memory using the correct join and put it into a sentence. We will be watching the video with Geraldine Giraffe on 'ch' where she finds objects around the house.   Can you find any objects with a 'ch' sound in the beginning, middle or end of the word? Then can you write a sentence with that word in it. We will write 'We can see a church'.


In maths today we will be working on session 2 of Growing 6,7,8 Week 3. This is a focus on longer than and shorter than. Please watch the power point or video and the complete the activity where you roll playdoh or plasticine snakes to be longer than or shorter than a line of pasta or any other given length. Please try to ensure your child is confident using the vocabulary shared on the activity.


Have a good day and enjoy.