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Supertato Letter

Good morning everyone,


Today we are going to start the day with a letter from Supertato.  I have saved it above so you can view it on the screen or print it out and put it in an envelope addressed to your child.  The letter explains that Supertato is looking for recruits and would like your child to join him. Your child needs to design themselves as a superhero....What do they look like? What super powers have they got? What equipment do they need? Today is for the ideas and making what ever you need. Tomorrow you will be taking a photograph or drawing a picture of yourselves and writing down what you can do so we can share it with Supertato. Be creative everyone and have fun. 


In handwriting today you will be practising the 'ch' digraph join.  This is a diagonal join and starts on the line, forms the 'c' and then straight up to the 'h', down up and over then flick.  Mrs Lee has sent home some videos on tapestry to help you. 


In phonics we will be working on clapping some two syllable words and then taking the first syllable and writing it and then the second syllable and writing that.  We can also practise reading some two syllable words by reading the first syllable and then the second and them blending them together.  This is a tricky skill and can take some time to accomplish so don't worry if you are supporting a lot to begin with. If you feel you are ready you could write a sentence with a two syllable word in it.


In maths we will be doing session 2 of our maths work. We will be looking at how we can count objects by putting them into pairs and counting in two's. This is a great skill for counting larger numbers of objects.  For your activity collect groups of objects either from inside or outside and put them into pairs, practise counting in two's, were there any objects left over? You can discuss odd and even numbers and learn to recognise that even numbers will never have one left over and odd numbers will always have one left over.


Enjoy your day.