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Domino - Composition of 7

Phonics Assessment.

Hello Everyone...


Today we are starting the day with making some Superhero and Villain rules.  We want to play superheroes but we also need to keep safe so we are going to make some rules about how we can safely play fight and how nobody in our games gets hurt. Our villians go to jail or somewhere else when they are caught.  We will be playing Superhero games lots and lots. 


We have uploaded a video of Mrs Savill reading the story of Supertato if you would like to watch it today. 


Today's writing task is to find out more about our Supertato hero and write some sentences. We will draw a careful picture of him and colour it in and then we will write some sentences about him. You can describe what he looks like or what skills he has. You can start sentences with... He is...... or He has got....


In handwriting we will be working on u,y,j. Two of these letters go under the line so please try to make your letters do this too. 


In phonics we will continue to work on words that start and finish with two consonants.  We will write the words 'crust', 'slept' and 'plump'. We will write the sentence. 'We can stamp'.


Today in maths we will be sorting dominoes on the power point into totals of 6, 7 and 8. We will then use a domino template and counters to try and find all the different ways to make 7 on a domino. We will record as many ways as we can and even see if we can find them all. We might want to practise working systematically. This would mean starting with 7+0 the 6+1, 5+2 etc. 

I have uploaded the domino template at the top of the page. 


Finally we would like you to complete the phonics assessment that is at the top of the page. Please ask the children to say the digraphs, trigraphs or words for you. If they say them immediately with no help they get two ticks. If they need support to say the sound or word eg they need you to make the action or sound out the word then one tick. If they do not know the sound or work please put a dot.  If you could upload the assessment onto tapestry that would be great.  You will then know which ones the children still need to work on. 


Thank you for all your hard work,


Mrs Savill