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Magic potion recipe

Morning everyone...


We are excited about todays learning and we hope you will enjoy it too.


In handwriting we are practising One Armed Robot letters h, b, p and k. These letters are either tall and touch the top line or go under the line for 'p'. Please make sure that this happens when you are practising as well as forming them correctly. We are getting really confident with our cursive now.


In letters and sounds we will watch the clip 'Words beginning with cc 1' again and continue to practise these words. The tricky sound to remember and hear is the second consonant so please work on that. We will be writing words like plum, flip, stick and the sentence 'We like to grin.' Like is a phase 4 tricky word so we need to learn this. 


Now for the exciting work!!

Today we are creating a magic potion to make our wellies magic. We will be reading and following the following potion recipe which is saved at the top of the page. You can add your own ingredients if you would like and create your own potion for doing something magic at home too.  If you make your own potion you could record the ingredients and what it does using a labelled picture or some sentences.  We hope you enjoy creating your potions and we look forward to seeing them. 


In maths today we are exploring capacity and using the language full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty and half full / empty. Please complete the tasks given below but feel free to create your own activities filling and emptying containers. You can explore ordering the containers and looking at which containers hold more or less liquid.  If you do the maths first you could also link the capacity when making your potions. 


Have a magic day and enjoy.