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Happy Tuesday Everyone


Remember to start by looking at the weather for today and recording it on your chart. Has it rained? Can you measure the rain using your rain guage? 


Today we are going to be practising our Zig zag monster vowel letters - v, w, x, z in our handwriting session.


We will be practising our flashcards for sounds and digraphs and our tricky words. Don't forget to add in the word said when you are practising this week. We will add a new tricky words Phase 4 video this week to the collection on the website and tapestry. If your child is really confident with the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words please start to practice spelling them. 


Please start by singing the vowel song and talking about which letters are vowels and which are consonants. On Espresso we will be watching the video for 'Words ending in cc (1)' please use the link below and then log in using username: student26975 and password: lilles7. Click on 'Foundation' and then 'Phonics'. You then need the section 'Phase 4 Kim's Phonics'.


We will be writing the words help, just and then after singing the sentence song writing the sentence ' I can jump.'


For our literacy focus today we will be thinking about rhyme. Listen to the story 'Ellie's Magic Wellies' and listen out for the rhyming words that you can hear.  Talk about how a word rhymes when the ending of the word sounds the same.  Today we are going to be thinking about words that rhyme with our puddle creature's name and then putting the rhyme in a sentence verbally. 


Mrs Savill's puddle creature is called Widdly Woo so words that ryhme are 'two', 'shoe', 'blue' etc. Now we can put them in a sentence:


Widdly Woo has lost his shoe.            Widdly Woo can count to two.             Widdly Woo is coloured in blue. 


Can you think of some rhymes for your puddle creature and then put them in a sentence. You don't need to write the sentence today but choose one and draw the background.  I would draw a picture of Widdly Woo looking for his shoe. If you want to draw more then feel free.  Tomorrow we will be focusing on writing sentences to match the pictures. 


In maths today we will be doing session two of Alive in Five Week 2:


We will be looking at the different ways of making 5 and recording it on a five frame with children getting on a bus on the powerpoint. We will then be using paper plates and looking at how many different ways we can make 5 and an extension will be to record the number sentences that match each combination and also use three plates and look at how many combinations now recording as number sentences eg 2+2+1=5.


We hope you enjoy today's work and look forward to seeing what you have been doing on Tapestry.