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Good morning everyone.

We really hope you are enjoying all the activities we are asking you to do. It is lovely to see and hear about the things you have been doing.

Here are some activities for today.


For your handwriting can you practise the one armed robot letters- r, n, and m.




Today's sound is quite a tricky one so don't worry if your child doesn't get it straight away. We will be revising sounds continuously in school so over the next few weeks and months so they will get plenty of opportunity to look at it again and you could point out the words that include it as you share reading books together to help them more in this.

The sound is the trigraph 'ure'. We will initially focus on this trigraph making the 'your' sound as in the words pure, cure, manure but will also talk about the way in some words it makes an 'er' sound as in treasure or pleasure. Try looking for words in books that use this sound or try writing the example words given into sentences.

An alternative phonics website you could use is PhonicsPlay, which the children are familiar with as we use some of the games in school and at the moment it is free to access from home. Here is the link:


I hope you have enjoyed drawing and naming your puddle creatures. Today we would like you to use the word bank of describing words you came up with yesterday and see if you can you them to write sentences to describe your creature e.g It is..... It has..... If you want to write more extended sentences you can use the words and , so or because to make longer sentences.


For our maths today we are looking at White Rose session 4. Please use the PowerPoint and activity to go alongside the video. We will use cards to show different ways of representing numbers to 5. Can you make some cards of your own? Think about which is more/ less. If you wish to extend the activity further can you look at how many more or less? e.g 2 is 3 less than 5.


You are all doing fantastic! Keep it up!