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Reading Bingo Sheet


Happy World book Day!


Today we are enjoying books, books and more books......we have created a reading bingo game, saved above, for you to play today. See how many of the activities you can do over the next few days and enjoy. 


You can read by yourself, read to your brother and sister or ask an adult to read with you.  Spend time thinking about your books using the reading dogs....Vocabulary Victor, Sequencing Suki, Predicting Pip, Inference Iggy and Rex Retriever. I have uploaded the reading dog comprehension skills above for reference. If you would like to record yourself talking about your favourite book or reading it and send it in on Tapestry that would be amazing. 


In phonics and handwriting we are working on recapping the digraph 'oo' as in moon. We will be watching Geraldine giraffe following the link below:


We will be writing the words shoot, boot, hoot, broom and the sentence, 'We can dig the root'.


In maths we will be working on the Session 4 of Building 9 and 10. Please watch the video or power point and complete the activity: We are looking at different ways to make 9 using two groups. You could use objects to investigate this and record as many as you can. 


Have a reading filled day!