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Good morning.

Today for our phonics and handwriting we are continuing to recap some of our sounds making sure we are confident recognising the, writing them and putting them into words. Today we will focus on the 'ng' sound.  Can you practise writing this as a joined digraph and write words using this sound e.g. thing, string, hang, bring. If you are able to have a go at writing some sentences using these words that would be great. 


We hope you managed to go for a little walk yesterday and were able to spot some birds nests in the trees. Nests help to keep eggs safe. What sort of things do you think nests are made from? Today we would like you to think a bit more about nests and how they are made.  You can research how different nests are made on the internet if you wish and below is a link to an example of how a hummingbird makes it's nest if you want to use it. Can you find out whether different birds make their nests in different ways? Some birds weave bits of twigs, leaves and grass into nests. Today we would like you to explore weaving by using strips of paper to weave in and out of each other. There is an instruction sheet below for guidance if you need it.


In maths today we are looking at Growing 6,7,8 session 4 which is about comparing height.  The activity today suggests planting a seed and measuring how high it grows at different stages. We understand that this may take a few days or even weeks to achieve so even if you want to plant a seed today we would like you to explore how tall some things are around your home. You can measure how many cubes high some plants are in your garden or how tall some of your toys are? How many cubes high is the tallest or shortest? 


We are also going to be doing some music today. As singing and using instruments is a bit difficult at the moment we are going to be listening to and talking about a piece of classical music. We are asking you to follow the link below to a Cbeebies programme called 'Melody'. She is a partially sighted girl who visualises stories and characters conjured up by listening to classical music.  Today we want you to listen to a piece of music with a story about two giants and a little boy trying to build the tallest tower. Talk about the music with an adult. Did you like it? Why or why not? Did you like the story? What did the music make you think of?


We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your activities for today!