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These are the resources for our internet safety work this week.

Hello everyone,


This week is internet safety week in school so we have prepared a session for the children using an online book and a power point. The session is encouraging children to ensure they stay safe but also understand that we have to be careful not to believe everything we see on the internet as it is not all fact.  Please look through the resources above and do as much or as little as you feel is appropriate for your child. We will be using the book and power point in school. 



Today for our phonics today we are introducing the tricky words 'do' and 'when'. Can you have a go at recognising these words and talk about how you might use them in sentences? If you would like to have a go at writing a sentence that uses each of these words you can.  


For our handwriting today we are looking at the 'ng'  join.  From the exit flick of the n go straight up to begin the g when you write this. Please look again at the tapestry video posted at the beginning of the week if you are unsure. 


Today the children in school are receiving a letter from Evil Pea telling them he has kidnapped the fruits and vegetables and they can try to find and save them. ( letter below) Is there a clue in the letter? Can the children be a superhero and save the vegetables from Evil Pea? They can dress up if they wish and once they have found the vegetables can they work out how best to defrost them. Maybe they can choose 2 or 3 ways that might defrost them. Can they then test and see which way worked best and discuss what happens and why? 


For our maths today we are looking at Growing 1,2,3 week 2 session 4 where we are combining 2 groups. Use the video and powerpoint slides to look at ways of combining 2 groups of objects and working out how many altogether. You can write some out as addition sentences if you wish. The activity is using dominoes and adding the dots on a domino. You could either play dominoes if you have a set or draw/print out the domino activity if you would like.