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Lilleshall Primary School

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Good morning.

Today for our handwriting we are wanting you to practise writing your first name. Make sure it begins with a capital letter and we can see the tall and short letters clearly. 


For your phonics today we are continuing to look at words with CCVCC sounds . Can you have a go at sounding out the words clamp, trust, frost, stand and try writing the sentence 'The crisps crunch'. 


We really have enjoyed seeing your Supertato work so far and your amazing Supertato sentences. Today we would like you to think about Evil Pea and talk about some words to describe him. Can you try putting some of those words into sentences to describe Evil Pea e.g. I am green, I am small. You could draw a picture to go with your sentences too. 


For the maths today we are looking at Growing 6,7,8 week 1 session 4. Today we are comparing numbers 6,7,8  and we would like you have a go at playing the memory game where you turn over cards and try to match them. Can you have a go at making some of your own cards? 


Well done with all your learning so far. You are all doing brilliantly. Keep it up!