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Good morning. 

We hope you have had lots of fun this week designing your magic wellies and making magic potions. Today we would like you to think about your wellies, your puddles and your magic potions and think about using these to make up a story. Maybe your puddle creature could jump out of a puddle and you could have an adventure together?  We would like you to plan your story in 3 parts, a beginning (the setting), a middle (where there is a problem) and an ending (where the problem is sorted, a resolution). You can do this in whatever way you wish. There is a sheet at the bottom of the page you can use if you would find it useful. You can plan using pictures and/or key words. It would be lovely if you are then able to use this plan to create or draw out a story map of your story. An example story map ( a cut and stick example based on the 3 little pigs- which you don't need to do, it is just there for reference!)  is below so you can see what sort of thing we mean. You can add words to your story map if you want to. 


For handwriting today we are continuing with the curly caterpillar letters and focussing on d,g and q. 


Our phonics today is looking again at the video CCVC 2. Can you try writing some CCVC words e.g twig, flat, slug. Can you try writing a sentence that includes one of your CCVC words? 


In maths today we are continuing our white rose maths and today looking at Alive in 5 week 3, session 4. The activity today looks at how many objects we can fit into a small box or tub. What can you find and how many can you fit in? Can you predict how many things you will be able to fit in before you start?