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Floating and sinking sheet

Morning everyone,


Today we have sent you a tapestry video with your first task on it. 

Your naughty puddle creature won't eat his fruit and he keeps throwing them into a bucket of water so you won't see him. He noticed that some fruit floats and some fruit sinks.  Can you investigate objects that float and sink and record what you find on the sheet above.  It will be important to notice that not all big things sink and not all little things float.  As an extension you could write a sentence about what you have found out or why you think things happened as they did. 


Your handwriting today is the long ladder video. Please ensure tall letters are tall and short are short. 


In phonics today we are watching the 'Words ending in cc (2)' video on Espresso. We are learning that we must be careful not to miss out the second to last consonant otherwise the word will not be correct. We will be writing the words 'vest', 'tusk' and 'lamp'. We will write the sentence ' We can bend it'.


In maths we will be using Alive in Five, Session 4. You can watch the video or use the power point provided.  nThis activity is where you choose a number from 2-5. You show some objects and hide others and from the objects you can see the children have to work out how many are hidden. They may be able to see this automatically or the may need to count the objects they see and then count on till the get to the given number on their fingers. That will be how many are hidden. You could model counting on using a number line too.

The task is on the sheet but we would also encourage you to use the five frame and counters or objects to help work out how many objects are hidden during the power point. 


Dont't forget to check your weather information and read some books too. 


Happy learning today.