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Daily spelling practise

Over the week use a number of methods: look-cover-write-check/ bubble writing/ pyramid writing/ colour writing etc. Remember to put some of the words into sentences and to research definitions of unfamiliar words.

On Friday please complete a spelling test and email your score.


Please learn the number of spellings for how many you would normally-15 or 20.


Week 2 Homophones and other words that are often confused.

1. draft

2. draught

3. descent

4. dissent

5. foreword

6. forward

7. medal

8. meddle

9. mussel

10. muscle

11. communicate

12. competition

13. conscience

14. conscious

15. dictionary

16. controversy

17. convenience

18. correspond

19. criticise

20. desperate



If you normally have a speed reading grid in school please find this attached below to practise.