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This half term, we are exploring sound.  Sounds are produced by vibrations.  You can feel these when you put your fingers against your throat and talk. 


What is sound and how do we hear it?  What is a sound wave?  Watch the videos below to find out:

What is sound? | Physics - House of Sound

In their House of Sound, Fran Scott and Greg Foot investigate how sound is made and how we hear it. They explore the science of sound waves through a series ...


Davina said,


‘The faster something vibrates, the higher the sound will be’


Do you agree with Davina? 


Time to get creative!

Explore making objects vibrate around your home.  You could try twanging a ruler, bobbles, guitar strings or rubber bands (these could be wrapped around a cup).  You could even try using your body!  Think back to when we made the sound of rain and thunder using body percussion.  Try to increase the vibration – does this influence the overall sound?  I would love to see pictures of you experimenting with different objects, or even creating music with your body.  Email me here and let me know if you agree or disagree with Davina: