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Lilleshall Primary School

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Running club is very well attended by KS2 pupils. The club has again been awarded third place in the country for the average miles ran per pupil for the second month in a row. Cross country competitions will take place in the summer term and the annual Lilleshall Monumental fun run and 10k run is due to take place on the 15th March 2015.


Running club now has over 50 children attending each week, they have all learnt about the importance of warming up and cooling down in a safe way and are now able to lead this themselves.  We take part in a variety of activities each week including games, laps around the field and runs around the village.


All of the activities are measured and count towards the children’s ‘Golden Miles’, this is a scheme which aims to improve fitness, to inspire and encourage participants with a focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement and healthy competition.  The children receive certificates for each milestone they reach, we currently have some children who have almost achieved 50 miles! What an achievement!


We also award a trophy to the runner of the week, this is chosen by staff and can be awarded for improvement, commitment, determination, helping others and any other attributes which stand out at a particular session.


The current cross country championships start on Wednesday 16th of March further details below.


Dot Hill - Wednesday 16th march

Telford Town Park - Wednesday 23rd March

Telford Hornets - Wednesday 13th April

Chetwynd Deer Park - Wednesday 20th April