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Religious Education

You have all been working incredibly hard on this unit and Gudrun would like us all to now come together and discuss what we have thought about the key question – Is anything ever eternal?

As discussed during our guided reading session on Monday, please look back at previous lessons and your responses to them as we shall use these as a talking point on Teams on Thursday morning at 9.30a.m to conclude the unit.

Gudrun wants us to complete the unit by thinking about whatever you believe in, that it is important to lead a good life through using the evaluation of Christianity and Humanism.

Once finished on Teams, Gudrun would like you to then produce a piece of writing to summarise the Christian teaching of eternal life and unconditional love. You may or may not believe that some things are eternal but bear in mind that other religions believe that some things are e.g. God, the soul. Use the list of spellings attached and any previous Bible references to help you write your summary.