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RE - Hinduism

This term we are learning about Hinduism and Hindu beliefs. 

Hindus believe that there is one God with many different aspects. The key question for the term's work is 'How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything?'

In today's lesson you are going to start by thinking about yourself - who you are and what you mean to different people eg you can be a sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, pupil, Brownie, Scout etc.

Below is the net of a cube. On each face of the cube draw a picture of yourself in different roles to show all of the different things that you can be to different people.

When you have completed your cube. think about the following points:

  • What is the same about all of the pictures? 
  • What is it about all of your different roles that makes you YOU?
  • What is the essence of you? How do you know? How is this seen in all of the different aspects of you?


Remember, there is only one of you and while you are different things to different people, you are still YOU.