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Think back to the last RE session where you were learning about Hindus believing that Brahman is inside everyone in the form of Atman.


Question - Do you believe in a soul?


Hindus believe that Brahman takes on many different forms in other Gods and Goddesses that they worship. They believe that these different Gods and Goddesses will help worshippers to find and understand Brahman who is the universal God.


There are 3 main Hindu Gods and these are called the 'tri-murti'. Play the powerpoint below to find out more about these three Gods.

Now have a look at the first slide in the next powerpoint which gives you some information about the tri-murti and how they represented.

What do you think the tri-murti might look like today? Be creative and draw what you think they would look like now - think about symbolism, colour etc.


Most Hindus have their own personal God or Goddess who they pray to eg Shiva, Krishna, Lakshmi. Play the rest of the above powerpoint to learn about all Hindu Gods and then have a go at the activity below where you need to match the God to their role.

So, although Hindus pray to different Gods, there is still actually only one universal God - Brahman - who they see in many different forms. The essence of each one is Brahman!