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Tuesday 26th January


We are learning to retell Bible stories when miracles have happened and question whether Jesus really did perform miracles.


Spring 1 theme: Jesus' Miracles

Key Questions: Could Jesus heal people?  Were these miracles, or is there some other explanation?


Watch the video: ‘Bear Feels Sick’ by Karma Wilson and think about the following questions:


What happened to Bear? 

What made him feel better?
Was it a miracle?

How do our bodies get better when we are poorly?

What is a miracle?

What happens and how does it feel when we get poorly/sick?  If you are poorly what do you do? Who looks after you?
How do you get better? Do you go to the doctor/need medicine?
Sometimes we can help ourselves - how? Does our frame of mind help?


Task:  Write/illustrate ways you try to make yourself feel better when you are sick.

Storytime: Bear Feels Sick

Have a seat and get ready for a great story! In this Storytime, Brian reads Bear Feels Sick written by Karma Wilson, and illustrated by Jane Chapman.Copyrigh...