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To conclude our unit on Hinduism, this week we are considering the implications of believing that God is everywhere and in everything. 


The following symbol is the main and most important symbol of Hinduism and is called the 'Aum'. Hindus believe that it is an echo of original creation.


This symbol has a sound which is pronounced 'om' and Hindus believe that it is the name most suited for God. It is the sound that Hindus chant when they are in their deepest meditation. The following video shows children chanting the sound as they are meditating.


We know that Hindus believe that Brahman is in everything, in all creation. Thinking about this belief, how do we think that humans should treat the world that they are living in? Do you think that believing that God is in everything makes a difference to what people do? 


On the following activity sheet 'Window to the World' either draw or glue on pictures to show how people might treat the world if God IS in everything and how they might treat the world if God IS NOT in everything.