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PSHE - Jigsaw

Lesson 2: My Friendship Circle

LF: To identify the feelings I have about my friends and my different friendship groups.


Write down a list of as many friends/family you can think of in 2 minutes. Then, I would like you to think about the following questions:

  • How did you make friends with your different friendship groups?
  • How are you different in each of your friendship/family groups?
  • Where do you know your friends from?
  • Do you enjoy doing the same thing with all of your friends/family?


Your task: Create a friendship circle.

1. In the centre, draw a picture of yourself and write your name.

2. In the ring closest to you write your friends/family that are closest to you; your best friends, and closest family members;

3. In the third ring write your good friends, next closest family, (but who you regard as not the closest, perhaps people at groups or clubs, relatives you see occasionally etc.);

4. In the fourth ring, acquaintances (for example, neighbours, friends of friends etc.)