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Planet Earth

Activity 1: Researching Endangered Species and Habitats

Use the sheet below to record your research on endangered species. Use the internet to find out about each species' habitat (where they live), the reasons for being endangered and what (if anything) can be done about it. There is an answer sheet to help you, if you are struggling to find any of the information.


Activity 2: Create a Fact File 

Create a fact file on an endangered species of your choice or use one of the templates below. If you create your own, remember to include: the name, a picture, where they can be found, their habitat, reasons for becoming endangered, their diet and how many are left in the wild. 


 The following links will help you with your research:

Activity 3: Science - Grouping and Classifying Animals

Have a look at the PowerPoint below - how can we group animals? What is a vertebrate and an invertebrate? What are the features of the following: Mammals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles. Have a go at the activities below to find out.

Activity 4: Poster or Mindmap - What causes animals to become endangered? 

Read the information sheet below. Then create a mindmap or poster to explain the reasons why animals become endangered. Try to present your work neatly using pictures and different colours.

Activity 5: Art 

In 1983, Andy Warhol created a series of ten colour screen prints that portrayed endangered animals from around the world.  Task: Research Endangered Species by Andy Warhol.  What are your thoughts? Create a piece of artwork inspired by endangered animals and the work of Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol Butterfly - Endangered Species

More activities:

Print a picture of an animal and cut it in half. Then sketch the other half of the animal's face, closely copying shapes and details. You could leave it as a sketch in pencil, or add some colour. 


Mindfulness Colouring