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Planet Earth

Planet Earth is our new topic for Summer Term. 


This includes:

  • Extreme Earth: volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
  • Using maps to locate countries, cities and regions, focusing on UK and Europe.
  • Water: coasts, rivers, flooding and the water cycle. 
  • Living things and their habitats


Each week, the resources will link to one aspect of the topic.


Focus for this week: Seas, Rivers and their Habitats


Resources to support your learning this week


This interesting PowerPoint will help you to learn all about ocean habitats.  It will explain how living things have adapted to suit their habitat and show you some of the different types of species that live in different oceans around the world.

This PowerPoint explores the impact of global warming, plastic pollution and overfishing on living things and the food chain. Can you create a plastic amnesty poster, or a recycled plastic sculpture to spread the message about the damage of plastics in our oceans? Find out more here:

Explore river creatures here:


Explore oceans and rivers on BBC bitesize:


Explore Australia’s Barrier Reef in this spectacular video:


Canal and river habitats are surprisingly diverse – whether it is in the water or alongside it, nature thrives on the waterways.  The UK’s network of canals and rivers provide homes for all kinds of plants and wildlife.  Explore more here:

Rivers are vital to the health of our planet and for human life to exist.  So, what are the biggest rivers around the world?  Let’s take a look:

Learn all about famous explorer of the seas, Jacques Cousteau!