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Planet Earth

Tsunamis 101 | National Geographic

Activity 1: Do some research and then present your information.

A tsunami is not like a normal water wave, which is commonly made by wind blowing across water.  So what is a tsunami and what causes it? Using all of the resources below to support you and your own research, have a go at creating a fact file, PowerPoint or poster, which explains:

1. What is a tsunami?

2. What causes a tsunami?

3. Information about tsunamis around the world. 

Activity 2: Wave Art

Have a go at recreating the The Great Wave, a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. You will need a pencil, a rubber, a black marker and crayons.

The Great Wave Tutorial

Activity 3: Staying Safe in a Tsunami

Take a look at the PowerPoint and video below.  It explains more about tsunamis and what to do in this situation. Can you create a poster which outlines all of the rules for staying safe? You can use the tsunami poster template or create your own!

Tsunamis: Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Activity 4: Put your design skills to the test and have a go at creating your own tsunami.