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Planet Earth

Activity 1: Create a Poster

Have a look at the PowerPoint and website below:

Design a poster explaining all or some of the following:

  1. What is a flood?
  2. What causes flooding?
  3. What impact do floods have on people's lives? (Their houses, jobs etc)
  4. How can we prevent flooding?
  5. Flood Safety Rules

Activity 2: Design a Flood Barrier

A flood barrier is something that is designed to keep flood waters out of a certain area. Flood barriers can be used to protect homes and buildings. Can you design and create your own flood barriers that would protect your house? Have a look at the PowerPoint to help you complete the activity below. 

Activity 3: Research Activity

Research the floods in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury which happened in February this year. 


Create a fact file or information sheet explaining what happened. What caused the flood? How high did water levels rise? How much damage was caused? What measures were put in place to protect the people of Shrewsbury and Ironbridge and their homes? How long did the flooding last? What impact did it have? Remember to include sub-headings and illustrations or photographs.

Weather Events 2020 - Flooding at Ironbridge (UK) - BBC - 25th February 2020

Activity 4: Survival Kit

Draw and label the items you would put in an evacuation survival kit if you needed to leave home after a flood. Why have you chosen these items? Can you justify your choices?

Activity 5: Exploring the Impact Floods have on People and the Environment

Think about the impact floods have on everything. Watch the video showing some of the damage and devastation the flooding in Shrewsbury caused. Then, have a go at completing the sheet below.

Flooding in Shrewsbury