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Activities for Monday - these can be done in any order and please do not forget the daily activities from the resources section on our home learning page. 


Please share the book Eliie's Magic Wellies by Amy Sparkle using the link below:


All of our work this week will be based around this book so please share it as often as you wish so children become really familiar with it. 


Your task today is to go outside with your wellies on and see if you can find any puddles. If you can have a splash! 


Talk about what is a puddle? How do you make a puddle? Where does the water come from? 


Can you make a puddle? If it is can you turn snow or ice into a puddle? 


You can takes photos or videos of your child doing these activities and answering the questions. As an extension your child could draw a picture of themselves in the puddles or annotate a photo that you print out with words or sentences to describe what they have been doing  and / or what they have found out. 


For your maths session - Alive in 5 from the White Rose learning resources.


Please watch Session 1 on the video below.

This video is slow paced but makes clear what we are teaching. If you would prefer to watch the video yourself first and then do what it says in your own style feel free, either way is fine. The power point that can be found next to the video will provide you with the prompts that you need if you wish to teach this yourself. This is what we will use in school.

Even if your child is confident with numbers above 5 it is important that they are confident and fluent with all the concepts including comparison and composition with numbers to 5 independently and this weeks work will support with this especially if you use the extensions below.


Following the video please use the Get the Acitivity link and do the suggested activity. 


For an extension please could children explore how they can represent the numbers 5 differently on a fives frame and talk about the combinations eg 3 objects on a 5 frame could be 2 objects, 2 spaces then one object.  The five frame templates can be found in the resources sunflower. 

Children could also record all the subtraction number sentences that they use in the song starting with 5-1=4 and practise working these out mentally so they know the answers quickly eg one less than 5 equals 4. 


There is no expectation to do the extension activities but they are there if needed.