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Welcome to the last week of home learning! Well done to you all, you have done an amazing job. 


Today we are starting a new book called 'Guess what is growing inside this egg' by Mia Posada. There is a link to a Youtube link to a copy of the book below for you to share. It talks about different animals and their eggs.  For your activity today we would like you to sort out animals that come out of eggs and those that don't, those that are born live. You can do this practically with animal figures if you have some or use the cut and stick sheets below.


For our handwriting and phonics today we are looking again at the 'ai' digraph and would like you to join these letters together when writing words that contain this digraph. Can you try writing words such as rain, pain, train, wait, snail? Have a go at putting some of these words into sentences if you would like to. 


For our maths today we are using the White Rose Maths Building 9 and 10, week 1, session 1 resources. Today we are focussing on representing and sorting 9 and 10. It looks at different ways of showing using objects and on 10 frames. For the activity we would like you to explore different ways of making 9 and 10 and then see if you can spot the numerals 9 and 10 in the environment.


Today is also St David's Day. St David is the patron saint of Wales. You can use espresso to find out some more information about St David's Day and maybe you can find out what people in Wales might do, wear or eat as part of their celebrations. 

Have a lovely day and don't forget to keep reading too!