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Good morning and welcome to a new week. You have nearly made it to half term everyone, well done!


Today for our phonics we are introducing the idea of syllables as a way of breaking down longer words into smaller parts. On Espresso you can watch the video 'long words' which helps to explain this.  You can then play little games clapping out syllables in words and count how many they have. Names are good to use and maybe you can see who in the house has the name with the most syllables. 


For our handwriting today we are going to start to look at joining letters. We will begin by joining some of our digraphs and today will look at 'sh'. We join these letters by continuing the exit flick from the s and go straight up to the top of the h before continuing writing it as normal. 


We are going to continue with our work based on Supertato this week and today we would like you to investigate some different fruits and vegetables. Maybe you can look in books or on the computer to find out more or if you have some examples at home you could look at them a bit closer. Are there any you have not tried before and maybe would like to try in the future?  If you are able to find either a real fruit or vegetable or a picture of one we would like you to do a drawing of it. Maybe you could cut it open and see what it looks like from the inside and draw it. Remember to try and draw just what you can see. What shape is it? What colour is it? We would love to see your pictures. 


For our maths today we are using the White Rose maths, Growing 6,7,8, week 2 resources and today we are using session 1 focussing on matching 6,7,8.  Can you use the video and activity and play the memory game, matching pairs of ladybirds? Can you have a go at making your own?




We would really like to encourage you in your reading as well this week. We realise it can be difficult to find books the children are able to read themselves without being able to access the reading books at school so would like to let you know about a couple of websites that have books available for free to read online at the moment that are similar to the books we use in school and are linked to the colour bands we use so you know which ones to choose. if they seem either too hard or too easy do look at the other colours and pitch books where you feel is appropriate.  We hope you find these useful. If your child is not keen on reading to you at the moment please continue to share books and read to them. By doing this you are modelling story language, expression and building up story concepts.