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Good morning and welcome to a new week of learning! We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. 


Today for your handwriting we are looking again at our long ladder letters focussing on l,i,t.  Can you make sure the l and t are tall letters and the i is a short letter. 


In our phonics today we are looking at words using CCVCC letters/sounds and will be sounding out words such as frost, stamp, brand, plump. Can you think of sentences that use those words? Perhaps you can have a go at writing a sentence.  You can use the Espresso video CCVCC (words beginning and ending in CC) to look at other examples. 


This week we are looking at a new book. We are using the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. You can watch the story on youtube following the link below if you don't have a copy.


Can you make a Supertato, Evil Pea or a different superhero/villain using another fruit or vegetable? You could make it using a real piece of fruit or vegetable or using some other materials you can find around your house. Can you take a photo and send it on Tapestry for us to see? Can you give it a name?  Think about what sort of things superheroes do. 

Have you got any superhero costumes or toys at home?  


Our maths today is the first session in our White Rose Maths Growing 6,7,8, week 1. Use the link below  to the video, powerpoint and activity for today. We are looking at composition of 6 and would like you to look for different ways you can see 6 in your house. Will 6 objects fit on a 5 frame? Look at how 6 objects can be placed on a 10 frame.


We hope you have an enjoyable day!