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Resources alert!!!!


A few activities require some resources this week. We hope you will have most of them in the house already. Please look ahead to Tuesday to see what you need for our magic potions tomorrow. We will need some food colouring for coloured puddles and will be making play dough later in the week if you want to see the recipe it is in Friday's maths session. 


Thank you. 

Good morning. We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. 

This week is the last week we are going to base our activities around the Ellie's Magic Wellies story. We hope you have enjoyed this book as much as we have. 


For our handwriting today we are practising our one armed robot letters r,n,m. These are all short letters so see if you can make them small. If you are using lines these letters would come to about half way between the 2 lines. 


For our phonics today we are looking at words with 2 consonants at the beginning so CCVC words e.g flat. If you use Espresso we will be looking at video CCVC (1). We will be sounding out words such as spot, frog, swim, drop, from and stop.  Have a go at  writing the sentence 'The frog swam in the pond'. 


If you want to you can look again at the story 'Ellie's Magic Wellies'. Today we would like you to draw and describe a pair of magic wellies. What would your pair of magic wellies look like? Would they be bright and colourful or have a pattern? Be as creative as you like. There is a outline of some wellies on the sheet below if you want to print out to help you, or you can draw your own.



For our maths this week we are using the White Rose Alive in 5 week 3 resources.  Use the video, powerpoint and activity pages to support the learning as you wish. Today the focus is on 'mass' and we will be comparing mass using terms 'heavier than' and 'lighter than'. The activity uses weighing scales to compare objects. If you don't have balance scales at home try comparing just using hands. What interesting objects could you find around your house to weigh? As an extension activity you could order 3 or 4 objects from heaviest to lightest.


We hope you have fun and don't forget to show us on Tapestry all you have been doing.