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Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for some more home learning activities.


Our handwriting today is to practice our curly caterpillars f,s and e.


We are starting our Phase 4 phonics this week and begin by looking at vowels and consonants. We will put a video on to the website to introduce a song we use to help children remember the vowels. If you can talk to the children about which letters are vowels and help them learn the song that would be great.  We are also introducing the words said, so, went, from. 


We are going to continue our work based on the Ellie's Magic Wellies book so you may want to read and share the book again from last week. We are going to continue using our puddle creature and are also looking at the weather. We hope you have managed to do your weather chart. You can talk about what you have noticed over the week, was it very rainy or dry? Which day had the best or worst weather? Why?

 Can you look on Espresso using the link below and explore the module using the video and activity links at the left hand side of page.  Have a go at playing the games.


On Tapestry you should be able to access a document that if you may wish to print out and use. It is a 'Seasons' cut and stick activity. If you are not able to print it out you can draw some pictures to show features of each season. Can you try learning the names of the seasons and their order?


You could try dressing up a toy or your puddle creature so it is wearing suitable clothes for different weather conditions. You can use some materials from around your home and see what weather they would be good for e.g. bin bags, foil. 



We would also this week like you to make a rain gauge if possible. There are some example instructions at the bottom of this page  if you need it. You can put in outside your house and see how much rain it collects.


For our maths this week we are continuing using the White Rose maths resources and are using the Alive in 5 week 2 sessions. Today we will look at session 1. You can use the video and/or powerpoints to help you.  Can you record the number sentences and say them out loud using the correct terms e.g. add, equals


We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy doing as many of these activities as you can. Remember to show us on Tapestry all you have been doing.