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LF: To use the grid method to solve HTU x U.


For this week's Maths lessons, please see the recorded video explaining the method I would like you to use before completing the questions suggested for your group. If you are confident with the first set of questions and able to complete them independently, challenge yourself to have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions. 


Please don't move on to the next lesson this week until you are confidently able to complete the questions. It is crucial that you understand each method of multiplying before moving onto the next.


Red/Orange Group - Page 1: Questions 1 - 10 , Page 2: Questions 1 - 10, Reasoning and Problem Solving


Yellow/Green - Page 1: Questions 1 - 10, Page 2 Questions 1 - 5


Blue - Page 1: Questions 1 - 5


(Open the recorded lesson in a slideshow and ensure your volume is turned on!)

If you are finding working with 3 digits tricky, have a go at the following questions (TU x U):