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Your arithmetic starter for today...

For your maths session today I am going to set you a challenge! Now that you have learnt all about line graphs I would like you to collect some data and then show your data on a line graph that you will need to draw. You are going to collect data to do with your heart rate after exercise.


First, measure your heart rate to find how many times it beats in one minute. The easiest way to do this is to count how many times it beats in 15 seconds and then times that by 4. You can feel your heart beat (your pulse) in your neck - see the diagram below.


When you have done this, do some vigorous exercise for one minute eg running on the spot, skipping on the spot, star jumps etc.


After you have completed your exercise, immediately take your pulse again and note down your new heart rate.


Do this each minute for the next five minutes.


When you have got all of your data (seven numbers as you will use your heart rate before you exercised as your first piece of data) work out how to draw a line graph to represent this data.


I have put some squared paper below for you to draw it on. Remember to use a ruler and a sharp pencil. Have fun!