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Recap: Multiplying 2-digit numbers - partitioning.


Today, I would like you to revise multiplying a 2-digit number by 1-digit using the method of partitioning that we looked at last week.  Follow the link below to practise this again and try the multiplying 2-digit numbers quiz.  If you are confident multiplying 2-digit numbers, try completing some of the one-step multiplication problems at the bottom of the page.


How can you multiply two-digit numbers?


Can you multiply by two-digit numbers like 14 or 37?

It looks a bit difficult, doesn't it? It can be easier if you partition the number into two parts. Instead of multiplying by 29 you can multiply by 20 and then multiply by 9 separately and then add the answers together.

Instead of multiplying by 34 you can multiply by 30 and then multiply by 4 separately and then add the answers together.



3 x 34 = ?

Split the 34 into 30 and 4.

3 x 30 = 90

3 x 4 = 12

Then add these together

90 + 12 = 102