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LF: To use a written method to record division. (The Bus Stop Method)


First, have a go at today's Daily Arithmetic.

Instructions for today's lesson:


1. Watch video clips 1, 2 and 3 below of a group Year 4's being taught short division. You can follow along using a piece of paper.

2. Read through lesson slides, answering practise questions.

3. At the end of the slides, you will find today's independent questions to have a go at. You will need your book or a separate piece of paper. If you are feeling really confident, begin at number 7 and move onto the "questions with a remainder" (on the next slide). 

4. If you are feeling confident, challenge yourself to the Reasoning questions.

Video 1 Moving to a written algorithm for division

Video 2 Representing division with place value counters

Video 3 Using place value counters and recording division