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Activity 1 - Persuasive Writing

Read and think about the ‘25 Water Hero tips’. Think about what you do to help save water and protect the environment. Could you do more? I would like you to create a poster or banner, which explains the importance of conserving water and protecting our rivers and oceans. You must convince your audience that we can make a big difference when it comes to protecting the planet.  Can you persuade them to become a Water Hero too?

Activity 2 - Explanation Text

An Explanation Text is a non-fiction piece of writing which is meant to describe a process, such as how a car is made.  Can you write an Explanation Text which describes The Water Cycle?  There is lots of information to help you below.  Remember to include the key features!

Activity 3 - Ocean Shape Poetry

Write a shape poem about a sea creature or anything at all that relates to this weeks topic!

Activity 4 - Adventure of a Water Droplet

Get creative and write a descriptive story describing the journey of a rain drop through the water cycle!

Activity 5 - Reading Comprehension

Did you know the water you drink today, could have been used in a dinosaur's bath? Find out lots about the water cycle and test your knowledge with this comprehension activity.